Gareth Wilson Live May 06 2020, 6pm

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Wednesday with Willy

It took a global pandemic to get ol G- Willy to strap that acoustic on and get a live stream on the go. It is actually me G-Willy writing my own bio here, so let’s cut that third person BS out now sommer.

I find it highly unlikely that anybody that doesn’t know me or has been invited by me will come across this but just in case, this is what I am all about. My name is Gareth Wilson and I play guitar and sing for Southern Gypsey Queen, coelacanth and Cockles. I have done a few solo shows before, even released a little album but the truth is I normally don’t like being onstage alone. I have always been one for the team sports, shall we say. I often think that I am actually better know for the music I booked at festivals like Oppikoppi, Drumbeat, Good Luck Bar etc than my own music but I am still very relieved there are still a few out there that still dig what I am doing.

My setlist will include SGQ, Coelacanth and solo tracks and what the hell, if the pineapple beer keeps flowing you might even get a cover or two out of me. The songs will be very stripped and quite different to how you know them with the band but it will be nice to showcase what they sounded like when I wrote them and before they got facelifts. Misha insisted I tell a few cracky tales, so again pineapple beer depending, I will be dropping a few of those little gems for you.

See you at 18:00 on Wednesday and how exciting that I get to do this with all of you again.

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