Coelacanth Live –
June 6 2020, 7pm (GMT +2)

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Coelacanth – Drinking Club

Coelacanth are group of seasoned touring musicians with one ambition and that is to hang out out, while making music with a stiff dop in hand. The band started years before they ever played a show. Southern Gypsey Queen, Tidal Waves and The Black Cat Bones always ended up on the same bills at festivals all over the country and the last three guys keeping the barman awake was always Gareth, Andre and Jaco.

Every time they got drunk they spoke of starting an outlaw folk band, they like to think they coined the term but it is highly unlikely that they did. When Gareth was house band after breaking his foot it presented the opportunity to finally get together and write some material. The first bunch of songs were written at this rehearsal and if memory serves there was another rehearsal but nobody can say for sure. A lot of the songs have been written via WhatsApp or in backstage rooms before or after a show, sometimes not even their own shows.

They don’t consider themselves a band but more of an old boys club that grew up in the Piet Botha school of rock n roll. For a bigger show they once roped good friend and drummer for Bones and SGQ, Gareth Bunge in and we they have never been able to shake him. Coelacanth is a celebration of all their stories, the bands they were in, the bars the played and frequented and a reminder of how good life can really be. Four besties from the road, doing what they love most.